Compete and battle in the PVP with real people like you in the Arena. You are given 5 entries every day (resets at 5am EST or buy more with Gems) to battle and try to achieve the highest rank. Each attempt costs no Energy. Strategize and analyze which of your team members best counters your opponents. After clicking the sword button to battle, you and your opponents team will automatically fight and duke it out. Active Skills are locked and are automatically used when your Hero's Rage bar is full. If the player on offense wins, he or she is rewarded with the defender's Credits and rank. Every hour, you are given 5 to 7 credits (depending on how many times you attempted the Arena the day before), and you can claim them every 6 hours. You can use these credits to at the Arena Mall and have the ability to purchase certain exclusive Hero shards and other items of various rarities. Every night at 9pm EST, Arena rewards (Gold, Credits, and Gems) are sent to your Mailbox depending on which rank you achieved.

Arena Ranking Awards Edit

Select Rules in the Arena and at the top of that page will show what your daily Arena reward is.

Mysterious Man Edit

The name for your mirror in the Arena. There's a small chance you can find yourself on the list of opponents in the Arena upon refresh as long as you are ranked 10,000 or higher. The chance for such encounter rises with higher arena rank.

Designated by your same profile picture and level, with the Name ????? Rank ????? Power ????? you can battle the mystery man who has the exact same team you enter the battle with, but at 1 level higher than you. If you manage beat mystery man, you are awarded with 100 Credits.

Certain heroes have 90%+ win rate when going solo against mystery man making the fight a 1v1 battle. Such heroes include low level Echidna, or for example level 1 Typhon.

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