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Complete Items (Equip)[edit | edit source]

Ancient Relic

Anti-Wolf Rod

Anti-Wolf Stick

Ares' Sword

Arousal Armor

Barbaric Axe

Beary Witch Ring

Big Mjolnir

Bladed Boots

Blessed Shield


Boots of Plundering

Butcher Knife

Canvas Cape

Claw Knuckles

Dark Cloak

Deadly Lyre

Devil's Whisper

Eagle Medal

Emerald Ring

Energy Stick

Fabled Wand

Fabled Wand III

Fabled Wand IV

Face Mask

Fissure Sword


Flame Heart

Forest Blade

Geek Shoes

Giant Bardiche

Gift Shirt

Gift Sword

Gladiator Belt


Golden Javelin

Harvesting Stick

Heart Ring

Heaven's Anvil

Heaven's Hammer

Heroic Claymore

Holy Tears

Hunting Blade

Kicks Drum

Last Judgement

Lex Bangle

Libra Scales

Life Crystal

Life Crystal II

Life Crystal III

Life Gem

Life Scepter

Life Stone

Lucky Gauntlet

Mallet of Ruin

Mana Stone


Mercury Boots

Mini Mjolnir

Mithril Plate

Mogul Cloak

Nether Blade

Nether Blade II

Nether Blade III

Novice Staff

Olive Branch

Orb of Dreams

Original Fake Ring

Palmed Scarf

Pan's Shirt

Patriot Mask

Persian Orb

Plain Circlet

Poseidon's Fork

Power Leg

Prayer Boots

Primal Orb

Razor Blade

Report Card

Robber's Papers

Rose Stone

Ruins Pillar

Scepter of Fables

Selene's Lyre

Shadow Axe

Shadow Blade

Short Axe

Short Stick

Siamese Blades

Skull Wrap

Slipshod Shield

Smelling Salt

Soul Splitter

Spartan Helm

Spike Ball


Stone Armor

Stone Shield

Stout Helm

Sturdy Ring

Thief Leg

Thief's Papers

Thunder Fist

Titan Axe

Titan Vow

Twin Dagger II

Unicorn Scepter

Vengeance Box

Vibrating Rock


Vizegai Staff

Windy Ring

Winged Shoes

Witch Crystal

Witch Leg

Wiz Robe

Wizard Staff

Wooden Shield

Wraith Necklace

Zeus' ATM Card

Zeus' Diary

Zeus' 2nd Diary

Zeus' 3rd Diary

Zeus' Scepter

Scrolls[edit | edit source]

Anti-Wolf Rod Scroll

Ares' Sword Scroll

Arousal Armor Scroll

Beary Witch Ring Scroll

Butcher Knife Scroll

Dark Cloak Scroll

Eagle Medal Scroll

Energy Stick Scroll

Fabled Wand Scroll

Fissure Sword Scroll

Heart Ring Scroll

Heaven's Hammer Scroll

Kicks Drum Scroll

Lex Bangle Scroll

Libra Scales Scroll

Life Crystal Scroll

Life Scepter Scroll

Mini Mjolnir Scroll

Nether Blade Scroll

Patriot Mask Scroll

Report Card Scroll

Robber's Papers Scroll

Shadow Axe Scroll

Shadow Blade Scroll

Skull Wrap Scroll

Smelling Salt Scroll

Stone Shield Scroll

Thief's Papers Scroll

Thunder Fist Scroll

Vengeance Box Scroll

Winged Shoes Scroll

Zeus' Diary Scroll

Use[edit | edit source]

Fine Whetstone

Gold Piece


Wisdom Potion

Wisdom Salve

Wisdom Cake

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