During Hero selection this tab appears as a way to hire "minions" to help fight for you for just one stage. It includes all of the Heroes (fully ascended, leveled, evolved, and equipped). You can only have 1 max "minion" in your lineup. Hiring starts at 2 gems then 20 gems on the 2nd hire for that day.

Available in:

Titan Ruins[edit | edit source]

For an easy clear of the higher stages of the Titan Ruins versing either Cassandra or Snowman, it's a no brainer to pick Athena. She'll put in her million damage to get the tough boss down for you. However, when facing Helen, Poseidon will most of the damage in stage III or IV; he just needs some of your team's help. Achilles is most recommended versing Artemis.

Trials: Ballroom[edit | edit source]

You may not have powerful female champions to beat stages of the Trials: Ballroom Stages I,II,III, or IV. If you believe you really need the drops in the ballroom, you might have a spend just a few gems. Hire one of the female heroes for the ballroom as that they come as a high level, fully evolved, properly ascended, and skilled up. If you want your femme mercenary to carry you through the stage, consider one of these heroes:

Good choices for the Ballroom:

  • Athena- Finally a real female to tank for you; she has great utility: tanking, damaging, healing
  • Medusa- If you're not using Leandra, she'll tank, disable all enemies, and damage them all
  • Hecate- Sub out your Hecate if yours isn't as good; the "minion" Hecate is quite powerful
  • Artemis- her auto attacks hit about 3 targets at once and her Ultimate is nice too
  • Leandra- with new healing ability, strong melee, and DOT; she can tank and damage decently
  • Helen-impressive dodging skills, good damage upfront, and disables; she's like a melee Medusa
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