Cerberus Sprite
Gender Male
Position Mid
Primary Stat INT
Role Nuker
Damage Type Multi
Cerberus Album

Cerberus Album

Hero Intro Edit

Mid row Nuker. Able to deal massive bursts of damage.

 Stat Growth Edit

2.0 3.0 1.2
★★ 3.0 4.6 1.8
★★★ 4.0 6.2 2.4
★★★★ 5.0 7.8 3.0
★★★★★ 6.0 9.4 3.6

Skills Edit

Fiery Furball Skill
Fiery Furball

Spews an exploding fireball that deals continuous damage to the target

Effect:  Magical Damage

Range:  Row (see note)


  • It only does direct damage; not continuous damage.
  • Does magic damage based on the MAG ATK stat; 16.5 damage added per level.
  • Aims at the most front row; may also hit mid row.
  • Spell has an average length cast time and moderate missile velocity.

Acid Drool Skill
Acid Drool

Spits a ball of water at the target

Effect:  Magical Damage

Range:  Frontmost enemy, Single


  • Does magic damage based on the MAG ATK stat; 16.5 damage added per level.
  • Aims at an enemy at the most front row, will hit only one enemy.
  • May blind the enemy; accuracy increased per level.

Dog Breath Skill
Dog Breath

Belches a ball of toxic gas at the target

Effect:  Magical Damage



  • Does magic damage based on the MAG ATK stat; 11 damage added per level.
  • Aims at an enemy at the most back row; will hit other enemies within range.
  • Has a moderate chance of missing the target.

Pack Unity Skill
Pack Unity

Increases Attack Speed (Passive)

Effect:   Attack Speed Boost

Range:   Self


  • Adds 20.5% attack speed at level 1; plus 0.5% per additional level.

Rotation Edit

Unlike most heroes, Cerberus' skill rotation is very long but his skills follow this scheme:

  • Auto-Attack- is used first, fourth, and fills in everywhere else in rotation
  • Acid Drool- is used on the 2nd attack and every 4th attack proceeding then on
  • Dog Breath- is used on the 3rd attack and every 6th attack proceeding then on

(AA→Acid Drool→Dog Breath→AA→AA→AD→AA→AA→DB→AD→AA→AA→AA→AD→DB→AA→AA→AD...)

Evolve Edit

White → Green Edit

Green → Green + 1 Edit

Green + 1 → Blue Edit

Blue → Blue + 1 Edit

Blue + 1 → Blue + 2 Edit

Blue + 2 → Purple Edit

Purple Purple + 1 Edit

Purple + 1Purple + 2 Edit

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Purple + 4 Orange Edit

Orange Orange + 1 Edit

Orange + 1 Orange + 2 Edit

Orange + 2 Edit

Final Stats Edit

  • STR: 1002 (860+142)
  • INT: 1795 (1399+396)
  • AGI: 773 (653+120)
  • Max HP: 19339 (16333+3006)
  • PHY ATK: 2448 (1831+617)
  • MAG ATK: 4949 (3689+1260)
  • Armor: 242 (213+29)
  • Resist: 271 (177+94)
  • Physical Crit: 445 (307+138)
  • Magic Crit: 145 (70+75)
  • HP Regen: 500
  • Rage Regen: 625 (520+105)
  • Dodge: 5
  • Piercing: 5
  • Ignore Resist: 32
  • Heal Bonus: 10%

Strategy Edit

Bad hero at low levels. Average hero at levels below 70 gaining insane attack power at higher to max levels, supposedly the best DPS out there.

It's a hero proven to be very useful in Arena and Guild party stage at later levels because of his purple skill giving additional attack speed with his other 3 skills consistently dealing damage to opponent. That being said, even being silenced, his damage output is not hindered as much. Plus, his equipment for evolve is comparatively easy to attain.

As for the Arena position, it is highly recommended to put him in a group where Cerberus is as far back as possible (Less than 20k HP at 5 stars, typical glass cannon). As for Guild party stage, the test result shows that Cerberus from camp (hiring) at Lv 80 with 5 stars deals way higher damage than owned one (Lv 80 with 5 stars) and his damage is promising in all three (School, Factory, Ballroom).

Hero Shard Locations Edit

  • Saving Argus - Chapter 1 (Elite)
  • Jelly Power - Chapter 11 (Elite)
  • Minos Treasure - Chapter 12 (Elite)


  • (On selection) - "Grr...Ruff! I will chew you all to pieces!"
  • (Ultimate activation) - "Grr...RUFF!
  • (On evolution) - *Pants* *Slurps*
  • (Upon summoning) - "I am anything but a dog!"
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