1. First Test Edit

Enemies Edit

2 x Dryad LV.6 White

Centaur LV.6 White

Talos LV.6 White

Tiresias LV.6 (Boss) White

Rewards Edit

Face Mask

Plain Circlet

2. Lesson One Edit

Enemies Edit

Tiresias LV.7 White

Hera LV.7 White

Hector LV.7 (Boss) White

Rewards Edit

Sturdy Ring

Lex Bangle Scroll

3. Battle Bond Edit

Enemies Edit

Dryad LV.8 x2 White

Ion LV.8 White

Satyr LV.8 White

Atalanta LV.8 (Boss) White

Rewards Edit


Plain Circlet

4. Tutor in Shadow Edit

Enemies Edit

Cyclops LV.9 White

Satyr LV.9 x2 White

Chryseis LV.9 (Boss) White

Rewards Edit

Witch Crystal

Report Card Scroll

5. Sonic Waves Edit

Enemies Edit

Argus LV.10 White

Cerberus LV.10 White

Typhon LV.10 (Boss) White

Rewards Edit

Boots of Plundering

Thief's Papers Scroll

Energy Stick Scroll

6. God of the Ocean Edit

Enemies Edit

Cyclops LV.10 White

Talos LV.10 White

Poseidon LV.10 (Boss) White

Rewards Edit

Wiz Robe

Mogul Cloak

Claw Knuckles

7. Aphrodite's Test Edit

Enemies Edit

Cyclops LV.11 Green

Echidna LV.11 Green

Boarman LV.11 Green

Cupid LV.11 Green

Aphrodite LV.11 Green

Rewards Edit

Stone Armor

Skull Wrap Scroll


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