Heroes that fall under this role have at least one way to lock-up their enemies. They either have Skills that Crowd Control, Silence, or interrupt spell casting. While heroes are Stunned, silenced, or etc. they can perform very few actions, if none at all. Pure disablers are somewhat lackluster in damage, but make up for their shortcomings in usefulness by turning the tide of the fight with their skills. Most disablers have a dual or a tri role(like Tank, Nuker, or Support) for utility. They have much importance in Arena and Gauntlet as that the team that cannot act or attack, is usually the losing one.

Disablers are known to have these qualities but its not limited to:

Disable Focused HeroesEdit

These Heroes have many ways disable:

Heroes with DisablesEdit

These Heroes have at least one way to disable but are more focused on another role/s:

NB: Tiresias's 3rd skill claims it stuns targets but it in fact, it just interrupts; much like Argus' 3rd skill (but this is single target). e

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