Introduction Edit

A new type of building named Quenching Star was introduced in v1.1.30. Renamed to Divinity in v1.1.40.

Here you can select a hero and level up sockets (Star Slots) to hold various types of gems (Meteors) increasing stats. Number of available slots is based on the hero's ascension - 1 slot for every star attained. Each hero starts with pre-determined free meteors inside the slots:

  • Max HP +112
  • PHY ATK +60
  • STR +6
  • INT +6
  • AGI +6

These can be switched for different meteors you Collect in Divinity's mines. Meteors are stored outside your bag and can be accessed and seen through clicking on Star Slot in Divinity building.

Originally, Meteors had no effect in the Arena. They increased the hero's stats and power, but the bonus stats were negated for arena fights (they did work in other game areas like Guild Wars and Gauntlet). As of v1.1.40, this was declared a bug and fixed. Meteors now work in arena for both the attacker and defender alike.

Mining Edit

There are 4 Mine levels in total. You get 5 free tries for meteor digging every day in Mine Lvl 1, additional tries cost 10,000g each.

When digging for meteors you can randomly gain access to Mine one level higher. Each of these mines disappear after one dig and you have to unlock them again at random by digging in Mine one level below it. (Lvl 1 to Lvl 2 to Lvl 3 to Lvl 4)

Mine Lvl 1 yields (costs 10,000g per dig):

  • Broken meteors
  • White meteors

Mine Lvl 2 yields (costs 100,000g per dig):

  • White meteors
  • Green meteors

Mine Lvl 3 yields (costs 20 gems per dig):

  • Green meteors
  • Blue meteors
  • Purple meteors

Mine Lvl 4 yields (costs 100 gems per dig):

  • Blue meteors
  • Purple meteors
  • Orange meteors

You can sell your meteors before keeping them, not recommended as you'll need many to fuse higher grade meteors and the sale price is low.

Combining Edit

Meteors can be combined (Compound) into meteors of higher grade. 10 meteors of the same grade (White, Green, Blue, Purple) and granting the same stat can be fused into a meteor of higher grade. 10 broken meteors can be combined into random white meteors. Orange meteor is the final grade.

You can inlay these Meteors into your Star Slots and replace the basic meteors or any other meteor you already inserted. Basic meteors disappear upon switching out, digged for meteors can be switched anytime you like between various heroes, those are permanent.

No hero can have two meteors granting the same stat, to inlay a meteor of such kind, first remove the other meteor granting the same stat beforehand.

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