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Energy is the currency spent to start or sweep a stage.

Spending Energy[]

Gaining Energy[]

Energy Rushes[]

These are free Daily Tasks that reward you with 60 energy just for being online during that specific time.

Energy Regeneration[]

You naturally regenerate 1 Energy every 6 minutes or 10 Energy/hour. Once you attain maximum energy or go over the limit, you do not regenerate energy anymore. You gain a set amount of energy every time you level up. Your maximum energy in which you don't regen anymore depends on your Team Level. You may have more available energy than your maximum energy through Level Up, Quests, Purchases or Events. The ultimate maximum energy one can have is 999.

Purchasing Energy[]

You may purchase Energy with gems. Each purchase will yield 120 Energy, but the cost increases. For the cost begins at 50 gems and each 2 purchases it increases by an 50 extra gems.

How many times can you purchase Energy?

  • Non-VIP: Once a Day
  • VIP 1: 4 Times
  • VIP N: 2 * N + 2 Times (EG: VIP 3 = 2 * 3 + 2 = 8 Times)

Energy Fruits[]

These consumable items give you 6 energy.

You can receive these from:
  • Events- various events can give you up to 10 energy fruit
  • Lucky Circus- 2 can awarded from the appropriate spin
  • Titan Ruins- 2 to 4 can be looted from defeating the boss each time

Join the Battle[]

You can gain 30 energy per day if you send an invite to Gods Rush to someone on your Facebook.


People on your list in the Friends feature can send 2 energy per gift; up to 60 energy, that is assuming all 30 of your friends send you energy. One person can send up to 10 energy gifts a day.