Energy Stick
Energy Stick Equip
Sticks you with full energy.
Rarity Green
Hero Level 10
Stats Strength + 3

Intelligence + 3
Agility + 3
HP Regen + 15
Rage Regen + 15

Parts 1 x Energy Stick Scroll

1 x Novice Staff
2 x Olive Branch

Fuse Cost 1,200g
Price 455g
Sell Price 228g

Description Edit

"Sticks you with full energy."

Hero Level Requirements Edit

Level 10

Can Be Fused Edit


Equippable by Edit

Effect Edit

Strength +3

Intelligence +3

Agility +3

HP Regen +15

Rage Regen +15

Sell Value Edit

228 Gold

Made with Edit

1x Energy Stick Scroll

1x Novice Staff

2x Olive Branch

Fuse Fee Edit

1200 Gold

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