• A hero is able to evolve once all six of his/her equipment slots are occupied.
  • No gold or gems are necessary.
  • Note that the higher your evolutionary stage, the higher the rarity of items you'll need to aquire, which in turn require further advamcement in the campaign, resulting in needing a higher level to access those areas.

During Evolution

  • Each equipment gives stat bonuses to a hero when it is equipped. Unlike most other RPGs however, you can't choose which equipment you want to assign; each hero needs predetermined items in order to evolve.
  • All the equipment is sacrificed to permanently add their stats to the hero. The items do not get returned to your bag, and there is no way to recover equipped items.
  • Stats gained from equipment do not include any enchantments on them. If any items are enchanted, you are partially compensated for said enchantment points in the form of whetstones.
  • The hero also gains additional bonus stats. The bonus stats gained are 2 * (evolution stage) for each of the following: STR, INT and AGI. Ergo, White to Green is stage 1, which gives 2 STR, 2 INT, and 2 AGI. Green to Green + 1 is stage 2, which gives 4 STR, 4 INT and 4 AGI. Altogether from White to Green + 1 Is three stages, giving a total bonus of 6 STR, 6 INT and 6 AGI.
  • An additional skill is unlocked when a hero evolves into a different color.
  • You may choose to not evolve a hero, but other than losing your item enchantments (which is partially reimbursed anyway), there is no reason not to.

The stages of evolution are:

  • White
  • GreenGreen + 1 →
  • BlueBlue + 1 → Blue + 2 →
  • PurplePurple + 1 → Purple + 2 → Purple + 3 → Purple + 4
  • OrangeOrange + 1Orange + 2
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