The position or row that your Hero is in your team and closest to the enemy team. Heroes in this spot are first ones attacked by the enemy team and thus, will most likely generate Rage faster than any heroes. On occasion, a usual Mid hero is put in the front in order to be one of the first to use their Ultimate Active skill. All Tank Heroes are part of this line but however, not everyone in the Front row is a Tank and not all frontline heroes are STR based. Some Supports and Nukers also claim this spot within their team. Certain heroes take more priority being in front of other Front heroes for instance, Chiron will always be in front of Leandra but she will always be in front of Ion. Front row heroes of course always take priority in being ahead of Mid or Back heroes.

Front Heroes tend to have these qualities but is not limited to:

Front row HeroesEdit

A few teams have Mid Heroes in the front so they can use their active skills first and/or have some Tank qualities. This is achieved by not using any true Front Heroes.

Mid row Heroes used in the FrontEdit

  • Hecate
    • Has a great continuous magic damaging active skill that targets all enemies and has a hidden passive that heals most of her health 10 seconds after her ultimate
  • Medusa
    • Has a nice Disable that stuns all enemies and increased health from her Epic Passive skill


From the user's point of view (last to front): 

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