The Gauntlet consists of 15 waves. After each wave is completed, a reward of a random item (shards and Heroes included) is added to a large number of gold and/or Dragoncoins. The Gauntlet can be reset once per day and unlocks at Level 30.

Hero Camp Edit

You can hire 1 Hero (level and stars based on your own level in increments of 5) per stage of gauntlet, or for a single mission (both normal and elite) for the cost of 2 gems. Additional use of the same hero in the same day is 20 gems.

Rewards Edit

After every successful wave completed, you can open a blue chest. Blue chests contain gold and random white/green items; the amount of gold increases with your team level as well as gauntlet stage.

After every 3rd victory, you will receive a red chest. Red chests contain Dragoncoins (1st: 100, 2nd: 200, 3rd and 4th: 300, 5th chest: 400 for a total of 1300 DC), gold, blue items, purple scraps, 1★ hero shards (Young Zeus excluded) and whole 1★ Heroes (Young Zeus excluded).

Final gold chest has the same loot table as red chests, but may rarely reward you with purple scrolls, purple items or even with a 2★ hero from this selection:

Nightmare difficulty gives double rewards including gold, dragoncoins and even heroes.

Gauntlet Mall Edit

There are a total of 12 items sold here:


Shop restocks at 9pm and at 12am EST. Additional restocks can be done manually by paying 10 Dragoncoins to refresh. Each subsequent refresh costs more: 20, 50, 100, 150, 200. This cost resets back to 10 Dragoncoins at 5am EST.

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