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The Gauntlet consists of 15 waves. After each wave is complete, a reward of a random item (shards and Heroes included) is added to a large number of gold and/or Dragoncoins. The Gauntlet can be reset once per day and unlocks at Level 30.


After every successful wave completed, you are offered a brown chest. Brown chests contain gold and random items; the amount of gold and rarity of the items increase the further you go in the gauntlet. After every 3rd victory, you will receive a red chest. Red chests contain Dragoncoins, gold, and better items. It is not uncommon to receive Blue or Purple items, shards, or even tier 1,2, or 3 Heroes from Red Chests.

Gauntlet Mall

There are a total of 12 items sold here:


You can restock and possibly see new items in the store if you refresh by either waiting for 9pm EST everyday or paying 10 Dragoncoins to refresh. The cost increases if you want to refresh more: 20, 50, etc. This cost resets back to 10 Dragoncoins at 5am EST.