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Gods Rush is a popular mobile game from IGG.com

Pandora's Box has been opened! It's up to you to rescue Greece in Gods Rush! Combining unique tactical combat with classic RPG storytelling, Gods Rush guarantees hours of explosive action! Set in the era of ancient Greece, you lead a rag-tag team of timeless heroes, monsters, and Gods through danger and onto glory!

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Game Features[]

  • Guide your team of Heroes on a quest of epic proportions!
  • Unleash your fury on your enemies!
  • Release your Rage with powerful Skills and abilities!
  • Collect the complete pantheon of Greek Gods!
  • Level, Ascend, and Evolve your characters!
  • Equip Items on your Heroes and Enchant them!
  • Increase your Heroes' Skills to fight better!
  • Battle in the single player campaign!
  • Test yourself versus other players' teams through the challenging Gauntlet!
  • PVP real people in the Arena!
  • Upgrade your Heroes with Divinity!
  • Add, chat, and trade gifts with people on your Friends list!
  • Find treasures in the three Springs!
  • Step within the Portal to gather riches!
  • Face the Trials to make your team stronger!
  • Browse the Merchant's wares, shop the Bazaar, and search Area 51!
  • Join and chat with your Guild!
  • Cooperate with your Guild in the Guild Trials party stage to defeat big bosses!
  • Participate in the Guild Wars and make your guild proud!
  • Take on strong bosses alone in the Titan Ruins!
  • Hire elite minion heroes from the Camp!
  • Try your fortune by taking a spin in the Lucky Circus!
  • Check your Mailbox and Sign-In for daily gifts and rewards!
  • Complete Daily Tasks and Quests!

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