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A guild party stage for members of any Guild which pits you versus Athena. You have 1 min 30 seconds to defeat the boss or do as much damage as possible. Bosses become much harder in later stages. Once the boss is defeated the guild is awarded with loot sent via the Mailbox. Damage done to bosses is capped at 600k at all stages. Instead of making your progress stop there, reaching equal or above this value rolls you back about 200k damage and makes the end screen and the game register as you would have inflicted only 330-390k! To maximize damage you MUST deal as much as possible without going over ~ 599k total. In order to achieve that, you might have to intentionally make your team weaker.

Strategy for Stage I[]

Athena is a Tank/Nuker that can also heal; can do moderate, bursty damage to your frontline gods. Her abilities can hit single and multiple frontline heroes. She has good Armor, fair magic Resist, and also adequately heals herself. Be sure to bring Armor reduction for your physical team. Her Active ability does damage based on how much HP you've lost and her 2nd skill hits the front and mid while also healing herself. Try to coordinate your Crowd Control skills on the Athena boss when she tries to use her powers and to reduce the frequency that she heals herself (she heals herself 843 every 5 or 6 seconds).

Strategy for Stage II[]

Not too much is different from Stage I except that she is a bit tougher and her AOEs also hit not only your Front, but also your Mid; she can also target someone with her ultimate if they are low health. Bringing Heroes who can CC/Silence and do good damage (Chryseis, Hermes, Hecate, Astraea, etc.) is suggested because she heals herself 1903 health every 5 to 6 seconds. If she manages to get every heal off that's 28,545 health that she takes off your team's total damage.

Strategy for Stage III[]

She becomes much more powerful in stage III. She has a newly acquired Epic Passive that reduces all her magic damage taken by about 30%. She also now periodically hits all members of your team in her Rotation with magic damage similar to Tiresias' or Argus' 2nd skill that also heals her. This occurs about every 5 to 6 seconds so CC is a must. A Healer or a Support that provides Magic Resist for the team is also recommended.

Suggested Heroes[]

These suggestions are for maximizing damage on the boss for your Guild. This is assuming your Heroes survive during the entire duration of the fight. Some suggested Heroes are better in earlier stages and fall off in later stages because of Athena's increasing powers and defenses.

Most physical damaging heroes are good here especially in stage III and IV:

These Heroes become less effective on Athena as the stages become harder (try to avoid using them on or after stage III):

NB: Young Zeus' Ultimate skill will do 0 damage to Athena.


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