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A guild party stage for members of any Guild which pits you versus Tiresias in stage I and Chryseis in stage II and beyond. You have 1 min 30 seconds to defeat the boss or do as much damage as possible. Bosses become much harder in later stages. Once the boss is defeated the guild is awarded with loot sent via the Mailbox.Damage done to bosses is capped at 600k at all stages. Instead of making your progress stop there, reaching equal or above this value rolls you back about 200k damage and makes the end screen and the game register as you would have inflicted only 330-390k! To maximize damage you MUST deal as much as possible without going over ~ 599k total. In order to achieve that, you might have to intentionally make your team weaker.

Strategy for Stage I[]

Tiresias is a solid Nuker. He is complete with 3 highly damaging Skills that do magic damage. His first skill does heavy damage on the most Front target, his 2nd skill hits everyone in your party, and his 3rd skill hits all Front heroes and may stun them. However he has weak defenses: with a low Health pool, poor Resist, and even less Armor you can use just about any combination of damage as long as it's synergized. If you're not a high enough Level, you may need to bring someone that protects the team from magic damage or someone to heal. If you do have Crowd Control, be sure to time your Skills to interrupt his ultimate ability.

Suggested Heroes[]

Strategy for Stage II[]

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You will face Chryseis in Stage II for a change. Having about 6 Million health, she is a dedicated Healer as you well know, and also sometimes a Disabler with her Charm skill. She has an ok amount of Armor and a decent amount of Resist. Surprisingly, she puts out a decent amount of damage with her attacks and Magic Missile skill, but only on the Front most hero. You have to make sure you give her a fodder to charm, like a Tank or front row Support, or else she will turn a highly damaging hero against your team and may make your waste your Rage or miss a skill. Also take care to try to save your Crowd Control Skills for when she uses her ultimate Active skill to heal. If she manages to get her heal activated, each pulse heals her about 4,120 which totals and reduces your teams total damage by about 16,500: a large chunk of your damage.

Suggested Heroes for Stage II[]

Strategy for Stage III[]

In Stage III, Chryseis is considerably more difficult. She has her Epic Passive skill maxxed out that reduces all physical damage taken by around 50-60%. She also heals around 36,836 health (9,209 x 4 pulses) with her Ultimate which puts even more importance on Crowd Control. She also tends to Charm your Front most hero much of the time if she's not controlled herself. A magic damaging team with at least one dedicated Disabler and 1 or 2 others who can CC is suggested.

Stage lll Suggested Heroes[]

Tiresias starts to be able to Reduce Rage and Astraea even more so, once they are equipped or evolved with Holy Tears.


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