In a sense, the "arena" of the Guild is exclusive to members of that specific guild upon reaching level 20. This battle area lets you fight up to 5 times for free (only wins count as an entry) and then costs 12 energy per win after. If you lose, no energy will be spent. Each team starts with no Rage, however, health carries over. Heroes that can heal are recommended because your heroes don't regen their health normally after battle. Depending on how much Rage a hero has post battle, it will slightly heal them up to 20% at 100% rage, +10% health at 50% rage, and etc. Rewards of Guild Bux and Guild Points (GP) increase as you win consecutively. After all your heroes die, there is a 1 hour cooldown before they are all revived. Alternately, you can pay 50 Gems to revive them right away, which increases to 100, 200, and so on.

Recommended HeroesEdit

Picking a team that is a bit heavier on the support and healer side will provide you enough buffs, boosts, CC, and sustain to defeat the enemy team and to continue on to fight others. If at all possible, try not to pick Heroes that damage all enemies, especially in their Rotational skills. This strategy capitalizes on attrition, which is basically the action of "rage starving". The idea behind this tactic is that you pick single targeting heroes to quickly kill the opposing team one by one, while building rage, sustaining health, and without activating the enemies powers. To contrast, AOE abilities produce much more rage in the enemy team causing them to use their Ultimates first, especially if you're stronger.






NB: Heroes can assimilate a similar role will do fine, especially if you need to substitute one out in case of death. These are generally recommended to obtain the most Guild Points and Guild Bux.


Every Monday each Guild's points (GP) will be counted and loot will be send to each member of that guild based the rankings of that particular guild.

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