Hades Sprite
"Hell ain't a bad place to be."
Gender Male
Position Front
Primary Stat STR
Role Tank/Support
Damage Type Dark
Hades Album

Hades Album

Hero Intro Edit

Front row Support. Can handle lots of damage without care.

 Stat Growth Edit

★★★ 5.6 4.0 3.0
★★★★ 7.0 5.0 3.8
★★★★★ 8.4 6.0 4.5

Skills Edit

Death's Veil Skill
Death's Veil

Applies a barrier that absorbs damage and converts it into HP

Effect: Damage Absorbtion

Range: Self


  • While under its effect, Hades is unaffected by Hard CC (such as stun or knockback).
  • Every level adds 100 more absorption.

Deadly Gambit Skill
Deadly Gambit

Heals target with least HP if it’s an ally or damages it if it’s an enemy

Effect: Heal

Range: Single, least HP


  • Targets the hero with least HP by percentage; even himself.
  • Uses 201.84 % of his MAG ATK to the heal.
  • Every level adds 36 more base healing or 12 more magic damage depending on the target (tooltip is inversed; the healing and damage values are switched)

Hades' Will Skill
Hades' Will

Applies a barrier on a random ally. When destroyed, damages enemies nearby

Effect: Shield

Range: Single, Frontmost ally 


  • Targets the frontmost ally with least health by percentage ; even if it is himself.
  • Every level adds 50 points of damage and also 12 additional magic damage upon breaking.
  • Barrier protects the wearer from CC; hits all enemies when destroyed.

Eternal Dirge Skill
Eternal Dirge

Reduce MAG damage for all allies (Passive)

Effect: Magical damage resistance boost

Range: All team members


  • Reduces magic damage to allies by 4% at level 1; increases 1% per level.
  • Aura still persists after death

Rotation Edit

(AA → Deadly Gambit → Hades' Will → AA → AA → AA)

Evolve Edit


GreenGreen + 1Edit

Green + 1BlueEdit

BlueBlue + 1Edit

Blue + 1Blue + 2Edit

Blue + 2PurpleEdit

PurplePurple + 1Edit

Purple + 1Purple + 2Edit

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Purple +4OrangeEdit

Orange Orange + 1 Edit

Orange + 1 Orange + 2 Edit

Orange + 2 Edit

Final Stats Edit

  • STR: 1214 (1087+127)
  • INT: 987 (848+139)
  • AGI: 749 (644+105)
  • Max HP: 24041 (21755+2286)
  • PHY ATK: 1919 (1477+442)
  • MAG ATK: 2467 (2133+334)
  • Armor: 305 (279+26)
  • Resist: 237 (169+68)
  • Physical Crit: 360 (318+42)
  • HP Regen: 3445 (3025+420)
  • Rage Regen: 602
  • Dodge: 16 (5+11)
  • Piercing: 105 (15+90)
  • Ignore Resist: 10
  • Life Steal: 16
  • Heal Bonus: 140% (80%+60%)
  • Reduce Rage: 15%

Strategy Edit

Hades is a Front row Tank/Support. Use Hades' Ultimate ability when Hades is around 1/2 hp, as his Shield not only blocks incoming damage but converts the damage received into health. Hades has an incredibly large amount of sustain with his two shields and 2 healing spells. When pairing Hades with other front-line tanks, Hades will normally be placed behind other gods, making him slightly ineffective. He is placed behind Gods such as Chiron, Ares, and Hercules. His Epic (or Purple) Passive allows him to reduce incoming magic damage to himself and his team depending on the skill's level. Currently, Hades' Epic passive is bugged and does not reduce damage.

Hero Shard Locations Edit

Hades' shards can be purchased 5 shards at a time from the Arena Mall for 500 Credits. His shards are guaranteed to be present in every restock.


  • (On summoning): "The angel of death has come."
  • (On selection): "Step aside! Let a pro handle this!
  • (Upon evolution): "My power is overwhelming!"
  • (Upon ascension): "HEHEHE! Where are we off to next?"
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