Heaven's Hammer
Heaven's Hammer Equip
It's hammer time! Oops, hope we don't wake the neighbors.
Rarity Blue
Hero Level 44
Stats Strength +3

Physical Crit +10

Parts 1 x Heaven's Hammer Scroll

1 x Heroic Claymore
1 x Gladiator Belt

Fuse Cost 5,000g
Price Unknown
Sell Price 8,975g

Description Edit

"It's hammer time! Oops, hope we don't wake the neighbors."

Hero Level Requirements Edit

Level 44

Can Be Fused Edit

Titan Vow

Equippable by Edit

Achilles Edit

Blue +1

Hercules Edit

Purple +2

Ladon Edit

Purple +2

Effect Edit

Strength +3


Physical Crit +10.0

Sell Value Edit

8975 Gold

Made with Edit

1x Heaven's Hammer Scroll

1x Heroic Claymore

1x Gladiator Belt

Fuse Fee Edit

5000 Gold

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