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*(Upon ascension) - "This is your destiny!"
*(Upon ascension) - "This is your destiny!"
* (On summoning) - "If you would have me as your ally, you must pay the price."
* (On summoning) - "If you would have me as your ally, you must pay the price."

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"Is it luck or destiny?"
"Is it luck or destiny?"
Gender Female
Position Mid
Primary Stat INT
Role Nuker/Disabler
Damage Type Dark

Hecate Album

Hero Intro[]

Mid row Nuker and disabler. Deals powerful magic attacks.

Stat Growth[]

★★ 3.3 4.5 2.1
★★★ 4.4 6.0 2.8
★★★★ 5.5 7.5 3.5
★★★★★ 6.6 9.0 4.2


Dead Rave Skill.jpg
Dead Rave

Summons spirits to repeatedly damage enemies within an area

Effect: Magical Damage

Range: Enemy Team

Duration: _ Hits in 10 Seconds 


  • Does magic damage based on ~20.6% of MAG ATK per tick (before resist); adds a bonus 6.82 damage per skill level
  • The less enemies, the more damage they suffer as the ticks cycle through all of the enemies
  • Hecate heals herself based on the total damage done after the effect ends in 10 seconds (missing in skill's description)
  • Activating another Dead Rave midway through resets its duration (including healing); they don't stack

Carrion Beam Skill.jpg
Carrion Beam

Unleashes a blast of energy, damaging all enemies in an area

Effect: Magical Damage

Range: Enemy Team


  • Used soon after she finishes walking to her position in the start of a fight; misses 2nd + 3rd back row heroes
  • Does magic damage based on ~61.4% of her MAG ATK (before resist); adds a bonus 14.3 damage per skill level

Death Threat Skill.jpg
Death Threat

Silences all enemies

Effect: Silence

Range: Enemy Team, may miss other members

Duration: 3 seconds


  • Leveling up this skill increases the chance of success.
  • Works on both physical and magic immune enemies.

Necropotence Skill.jpg

Increases Magic Attack (Passive)

Effect: Magic Attack Boost 

Range: Self


  • Adds 492 MAG ATK + 12 per extra level.


(Carrion Beam → Death Threat → AA)


White → Green[]

Green → Green + 1[]

Green + 1 → Blue[]

Blue → Blue + 1[]

Blue + 1 → Blue + 2[]

Blue + 2 → Purple[]

Purple → Purple + 1[]

Purple + 1 → Purple + 2[]

Purple + 2 → Purple + 3[]

Purple + 3 → Purple +4[]

Purple +4 → Orange[]

Orange → Orange + 1[]

Orange + 1 → Orange + 2[]

Orange + 2[]


Hecate is a must, she is the most powerful hero in-game right now. Her ultimate skill Dead Rave deals crazy damage, her Carrion Beam is a great nuke, and Death Threat adds utility to her arsenal to make her a disabler as well.

Hecate is a well-rounded nuker. Her AOE skills almost always hit all enemies; unless they are wasted due to poor timing. Her silence is extremely powerful and will significantly set back the entire opposing team. In addition, the damage done to her enemies by her Dead Rave heals herself up after the duration of Dead Rave is over, or when all her enemies have expired.

In higher levels in arena, Hecate falls back because she's too close to the front and gains rage too slowly to activate her ultimate skill. While still an amazing hero for PvE in all stages of the game, she basically just becomes free rage for the enemy in arena in very high ranks.

Hero Shard Locations[]

Can be bought from Gauntlet mall in batches of five shards for 500 Dragoncoins.


  • (On selection) - "Is it chance...or fate?"
  • (Ultimate activation) - "Helantè!"
  • (Upon evolution) - "But... at what price?
  • (Upon ascension) - "This is your destiny!"
  • (On summoning) - "If you would have me as your ally, you must pay the price."