Hera Sprite
"Mama's very angry!"
Gender Female
Position Back
Primary Stat INT
Role Disabler/Nuker
Damage Type Wind
Hera Album

Hera Album

Hero Intro Edit

Back row Nuker. Can deal both Physical and Magic damage.

 Stat Growth Edit

★★★ 5.0 5.8 3.2
★★★★ 6.2 7.2 4.0
★★★★★ 7.5 8.7 4.8

Skills Edit

Woman Scorned Skill
Woman Scorned

Charging attack that damages and inflicts Knockback to all in the path.

Effect: Magical Damage, Knock-up

Range: Front & Mid Row 

=Deals 28.6 magic damage times the level of the skill extra in base damage.

=Ability is nullified if Hera becomes cced during the duration of the cast or missile travel

Her Clutches Skill
Her Clutches

Deals damage and inflicts Bind on the target.

Effect: Magical Damage, may Stun

=Deals 16.5 extra magic base damage times skill level; chance to stun also increased

=May stun target; success based on level of target and skill level

Quill Pierce Skill
Quill Pierce

Hurls peacock feathers at the target, dealing damage with multiple hits.

Effect: Physical Damage

Range: Single, foremost hero

=Deals 6.6 more physical base damage per level of skill

Fine Plumage Skill
Fine Plumage

Increases Dodge. (Passive)

Stats: Adds 20 dodge at level 1; scales at 0.5 dodge per level.

Evolve Edit

White → Green Edit

Green → Green + 1 Edit

Green + 1 → Blue Edit

Blue → Blue + 1 Edit

Blue + 1 → Blue + 2 Edit

Blue + 2 → Purple Edit

Purple → Purple + 1 Edit

Purple + 1 → Purple + 2 Edit

Purple + 2 → Purple + 3 Edit

Purple + 3 → Purple + 4 Edit

Purple + 4 → Orange Edit

Orange -> Orange + 1 Edit

Strategy Edit

Hera is a very well-rounded character, but is very prone to attacks and lacks HP. Her 2nd skill is very useful for stunning and interrupting attacks due to its fast hit rate.

Hero Shard Locations Edit

  • Queen Hera - Chapter 4 (Elite)
  • Queen's Jealousy - Chapter 5 (Elite)


  • (On selection) - "How about a magic trick?"
  • (On summoning) - "What are you looking at? I'm married, pig!"
  • (Upon evolution) - "Hahahohohohohoho!"
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