Lucky Circus Map
Lucky Circus

Use Circus Tix here to grant you spins (1x or 10x) to win great prizes! Additionally you may also use 20 gems to spin.


  • 1. You'll get three Circus Tix the first time you buy gems each day!
  • 2. Buy at least 320 gems each day to win a Circus Tix.
  • 3. Spend at least 488 gems at any spring each day to win a Circus Tix.
  • 4. After level 20, you'll win a Circus Tix each time you level up!

Bonus Edit

Winning top prizes (Hero Card/Shard Card) will grant 100 Gems to every user in the winner's friend list.

NB: Wisdom Potion has been removed in place of 3 Ares shards as a prize.

Mystery hero shards have been replaced with 100 Artemis shards.

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