The position or row that is between Front and Back Heroes. Heroes in this position tend to be more bursty and have highly damaging AOE Skills, and have damage dealing roles. It is primarily the area for most Nukers, Disablers, and INT based heroes. The only way to attack Mid Heroes is to use AOEs or by removing their Tanks. This is why they tend to lack Armor but have OK Resists. Mids always have higher priority to be first in line than the Back Heroes, but always less than Front Heroes. If there are no true frontline heroes, whoever has most priority in the midline is positioned to be frontmost.

Mid Heroes tend to have these qualities but is not limited to:

  • Being a Nuker or Disabler
  • INT based Heroes
  • Having above average Resists
  • Damage dealing roles
  • Magic damaging
  • Have bursty and highly damaging skills
  • Have skills that target multiple enemies
  • Lower Health pool and Armor than Front and Tank Heroes
  • Damaged by Auto-Attacks on the death of Frontline Heroes
  • High Intelligence Values

Mid Heroes Edit

Order Edit

From the user's point of view (last to front): 

Tiresias IconArtemis IconAstraea IconYoung Zeus IconZeus IconEris IconPoseidon IconCerberus IconArgus IconCassandra IconPandora IconEchidna IconHecate IconMedusa IconLadon IconMonkey King Icon

Mid Priority Edit

Some Heroes are more adjacent or closer to the Front than others. This, however, gives them a higher chance to be hit by small and medium sized AOEs that hit the front.

Heroes with a higher number and first in order take priority in being in front.

Note: Priority 1 mid row heroes will usually go in front of Hephaestus.

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