Heroes in this role provide a high amount of damage for their team, usually in bursts. Nukers combine their Ultimates, Rotational, Passive Skills, and Auto-Attacks to quickly dispatch their foes, thus the phrase "to nuke", as in a nuclear bomb. Many Heroes differ from others in their damage dealing roles; some are more bursty while others are more consistent. Different nukers do all kinds of damage and are in all lines, but most of them do magic damage and are located in Mid.

Nukers have many of the following qualities, but not limited to:

  • Damage dealing niche
  • Deal mostly magic damage
  • Much burst damage, to quickly eliminate the enemy team
  • Have lower defenses than tanks (Armor, Health and/or Resist)
  • Have the most Ignore Resist or Piercing values of any other role
  • Have the most Physical Crit or Magic Crit values of any other role
  • Most Nukers are INT based, therefore having more Intelligence values than other roles
  • Most are located in the Mid row

Nuker HeroesEdit

Nuker is the main role of these Heroes:

Off-Nuker HeroesEdit

These heroes don't do enough damage, especially right away, to have "Nuker" in their main role. However, with their moderate damage they still have usefulness in another role they fill also.

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