Olympian Hunt

Olympian Hunt

Olympian Hunt Edit

Get your Olympian Certificate! Unlocks at Team Lv 45.

Monkey king Edit

The Monkey King can leap into the clouds and use all kinds of spells.

Loot Edit

Defeat the Monkey King to unlock new content for Lv 90, earn potions and equipment, and your own Monkey King!

The amount of loot is based on damage done:

  • Evo Stone Scrap: 1 per every 20K damage.
  • Monkey King Shard: 1 shard awarded randomly, possibly with a higher chance of getting when dealing more than 50k damage. Up to a maximum of 3 shards per try (and over 200k dmg - cheaters only)

Strategy Edit

This is a great place to use Camp to pick up a 5 star hero. Best Heroes to use:

  • Astraea (her Holy damage from purple skill is not reduced, have to take care of the clones, however)
  • Cerberus (best choice overall)
  • Artemis
  • DoT heroes (Cupid, Ares)
  • Leandra
  • Argus
  • Stunners (Cadmus has three stun skills)
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