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For some bluestacks and mobile users, you may have visit your store and update Gods Rush manually.


1.1.33 Edit

  • Two new difficulty levels for Titan Ruins will be added.
  • Four new difficulty levels for Party Stages will be added.
  • Two new difficulty levels for the Portal will be added. 
  • Four new difficulty levels and Evo Stone Scrap will be added to Trials.
  • Evo Stone Scrap will be available at Merchant, Bazaar and Area 51.
  • The Divinity system's second season is coming! Get Meteors and the sky shall be yours!
  • Pandora Shards will be available at the Arena Mall. 
  • Cassandra Shards will be available at the Gauntlet Shop.
  • Snowman Shards will be available at the Guild Mall.
  • Aries and Apollo minions will be available at the Camp.

1.1.32 Edit

  • Quenching Star no longer bugged
  • Enchantment of all gear rebalanced

1.1.30 Edit

  • Healing is no longer bugged, Hercules revives with correct health
  • Titan ruins' bosses are no longer invincible.


April 2, 2015 


March 31, 2015

  • Check out the newly improved interface!
  • You can now win rewards by inviting new users to play Gods Rush!
  • New content has been added for up to Lv 90. Stages 13 and 14 have also been added for Lv 80+ players.
  • New Evolution levels are available for Lv 90 Heroes. Evolve your Heroes all the way to Orange +2!
  • Atalanta, Chiron, Cadmus, Hector and Helen have each been granted an Olympic power boost
  • All good things must come to an end. The Zeus' Spring event will end after maintenance.
  • April Fools' Day event and the Easter Day event will be updated after server maintenance.


March 19, 2015

  •  Hew Hero! Golden Boy is available from Aphrodite's Spring starting March 19th at 5:00 am EST (GMT -5).


March 12, 2015

  • New hero, Golden Boy is available from Aphrodite's Spring starting March 19, 5:00 AM EST
  • New hero alert! The Monkey King is coming soon!
  • The World Boss has been unleashed. All participants in this new event will win a Gift Card once it's defeated


February 27, 2015

  • Lunar festive decorations will be taken offline


February 13, 2015


February 5, 2015

  • You'll now be instantly directed to Lucky Circus when you use the Circus Tix in your Bag
  • After completing Party Stage you'll win Gold based on how much DMG you dealt
  • Various bugs fixed

Hot/Hidden Fixes or Updates

  • Hector's Ultimate now does physical damage


Jan. 22, 2015

  • Various bugs fixed

Hot/Hidden Fixed or Updates

  • Reduced game crashes when switching accounts
  • Lucky Circus is much less laggier

1.1.19 Edit

Jan. 16, 2015

  • Mine is gone; replaced with Lucky Circus
  • New GR feature in the guild Party Stages shows a list based on amount damage players inflict on bosses
  • VIP 8 can sweep their 2nd Gauntlet wave
  • New NPC Minion System (Camp) will allow players to hire minions for PVE battles
  • [[[Titan Ruins]] will no longer drop Snowman shards as of Jan. 29th

Hot/Hidden Fixes or Updates

  • 2 new heroes added: the goddess of hunt Artemis, and the epic poet Homer.
  • All heroes (except for Atalanta)have a new status symbol in their stats screen
  • Astraea's Prosecution skill now shows the correct amount of holy damage
  • In addition to buffing an ally with her Cheer, Leandra will also heal herself


Jan. 6 , 2015

Hot/Hidden Fixes or Updates

  • Leandra's "Cheer" animation changed from floating yellow sword to a blue winged boot and air trails
  • Atalanta's No Mercy now sends the fish at her feet (rather than in arc over the battlefield) in an attempt to silence the opponent's back row.


Dec 30 , 2014

  • New Friends Rankings
  • Improved Guild War reset rules and a lower reset cost
  • Improved Chat System: Guild channel is marked with a red dot; red dot removed from System messages

Hot/Hidden fixes or Updates

  • Only heroes without restrictions in the Titan Ruins are the only ones now that deal damage
  • Achilles "Tremor" now has a speed down effect


Dec. 22, 2014


  • All time displays in the game will be changed to the 12-hour clock format.
  • Portal and Trial will now display the “Cleared” label if the entires allotted per day for them have all been consumed.
  • Various bugs have been fixed.


  • A special Thanksgiving Gift Pack is available! Log in to get the newest Hero – Young Zeus!
  • The Portal and Trials no longer have cooldown periods!
  • Second level of difficulty released for Guild Stages.
  • Fixed the issues that sometimes caused game crashes.
  • Improvements to the overall appearance of all Heroes.


  • The Guild system is going online.
  • Added Guild Mall.
  • Zeus’ Spring has unlocked!
  • An all new outlook! The main screen has been redesigned.
  • Links to various social networking sites are now included in the Settings interface. Now it’s easy to check out our latest updates and events!
  • Improvements to combat.
  • Various Hero Skill bugs have been fixed, as well as some other game bugs.


  • Modified the loading screen.
  • Hide the World Chat with one button.
  • Various bugs have been fixed.


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