Rose Stone
Rose Stone Equip
It smells like (and costs) more than 999 roses.
Rarity Blue
Hero Level 35
Stats Max HP + 350

MAG ATK + 40
HP Regen + 100
Rage Regen + 32

Parts 1 x Witch Crystal

1 x Life Gem
1 x Primal Orb

Fuse Cost 5,000g
Price Unknown
Sell Price 8,250g

Description Edit

"Its smells like (and costs) more than 999 roses"

Hero Level Requirements Edit

Level 35

Can Be Fused Edit

Equippable by Edit

Effect Edit

Max Health +350


HP Regen +100

Rage Regen +32

Sell Value Edit

Made with Edit

1x Witch Crystal

1x Life Gem

1x Primal Orb

Fuse Fee Edit

5000 Gold

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