Each hero has 4 available skills - they start one with one, and the rest unlock as they reach new colors in evolution.

The level of a Hero's skills greatly impact their effectiveness in battle. Skills can be leveled up by using Gold. Each skill point uses adds 4 power to their power rating.

Active Skills Edit

Each hero begins with their Active Skill unlocked. Active skills require a full Rage bar to use. To use an active skill, click on the hero's portrait.

Active skills are the only way you can influence a battle once it has begun. Using your heroes' actives at the correct time can often be the difference between victory and defeat.

Evolution Skills Edit

Heroes unlock additional skills when they evolve. Specifically, they will unlock a new skill when reaching Green, Blue, and Purple status.

Second and Third Skills Edit

Heroes will use their other skills periodically in combat in a Rotation. It is not possible to directly control when these skills are used. These skills are usually not as powerful as active skills, but they can still have a significant impact on the outcome of the battle. These skills can be interrupted via Crowd Control or even by using your Active skill.

Passive Skills Edit

Passive skills provide a constant benefit to the hero. Occasionally, a passive will extend benefits to the entire party. Most heroes have one passive skill, and it is usually their final skill, which is unlocked upon reaching Purple.

Leveling Up Skills Edit

Most skills simply get stronger as they Level up: More damage, more healing, or a larger passive bonus. The strength of this type of skill growth is constant - if leveling a skill from 1 to 2 added 10 additional damage, then every level up of that skill would provide 10 additional damage.

Crowd Control skills work differently - the level of the skill determines if the skill's accuracy. If the target's level is too high for the skill, there is a chance the skill will miss.

The maximum level of a skill is determined by your hero's level. However, skills are not leveled up automatically when your hero levels. Leveling up a skill requires one skill point and some gold. The gold cost for each level of a skill is always more expensive than the previous level.

Skill Points Edit

Leveling up a skill always requires spending one skill point. All heroes use the same shared pool of skill points when leveling skills. You gain one skill point every five minutes, but you can only store a maximum of 10 skill points (20 skill points if VIP 5). Because they refresh so rapidly, it is rare that you find yourself starved for skill points. However, it is possible to spend gems to refill your skill points if you are a VIP.

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