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Place made of up of the Cupid's Spring, Aphrodite's Spring, and Zeus' Spring. It is highlighted with a red dot when a free draw is ready.


Cupid's Spring.png

You get 5 free draws daily. This spring offers green and blue items, with a small chance at 3rd tier heroes like Ion. This spring will also rarely award purple items.

Cupid's Spring Draw Cost[]

  • x1 = 10,000 coins
  • x10 = 90,000 coins (100% chance of blue item)


Aphrodite's Spring.jpg

1 free draw every 48 hours (2 days). This spring offers blue and purple items with a small chance at all heroes.

Aphrodite's Spring Draw Cost[]

  • x1 : 288 gems
  • x10 : 2590 gems (100% chance of a hero)

*See the ongoing Event with this Spring


Zeus's Spring.jpg

No free draws. 5 Heroes' shards are displayed. Upon a draw, 1 stack will be selected as your draw. You then can choose to draw again or reshuffle and draw from a new selection. This is recommended for veteran players who already have a large number of heroes, or are looking to ascend top tier Heroes, whose shards cannot be hunted in elite Battle stages.

Zeus's Spring Draw Cost[]

  • First / new draw: 488 gems
  • 2nd draw: 800 gems
  • 3rd draw: 1250 gems
  • 4th draw: 2500 gems
  • 5th draw: 4000 gems
  • 6th draw: 5000 gems


  1. Zeus' Spring offers one Hero that is changed weekly, and three Heroes that are changed daily. Players stand a chance to get Heroes being offered or their shards. Shards are offered in numbers of 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 shards. (Unless there's an event any prize below 10 shards is you getting ripped off on gems.)
  2. When you Draw, the spring will show 6 prizes and you will receive 1 of them randomly.
  3. If you want another one of the remaining 5 items, tap [Select Another] for a chance to get it. You will randomly receive one of the remaining 5 items.
  4. You can also tap [New Draw] to draw another 6 random items and receive one of them.