Heroes in this role have some way to help their in team; usually by the way of Buffing their allies (such as stat increasers or Shields). Some can even Debuff their enemies or even grant Rage. Supports provide the team with the means to protect themselves from attacks better and/or help the team to do more damage.

Supports tend to have qualities including but not limited to:

  • Providing their team with Buffs or auras to help keep them alive
  • Providing their team with Buffs or auras to help them do more damage
  • Placing a Debuff on the enemy to reduce their damage or increase their damage taken
  • Placing Shields on their allies
  • Granting extra Rage to their team
  • Most are located in the Back row
  • Have good Rage Regen values
  • Have lower priority in the Front line than most other Front Heroes

Dedicated SupportsEdit

Heroes Additionally with a Support RoleEdit

NB: In Hades' description he is labeled as a support, mainly because he has 3 helpful skills for his team, one of which is a heal targeting an ally with less than 50% HP, while the other 2 are a shield applied to an ally taking the most damage, and (currently non-functional) passive reducing incoming MAG DMG). However being Tank is his most popular role, mostly because his skills target himself, if he is in front of everyone. He does fall into more of the support role if he is behind someone, but it reduces the effectiveness of his Ultimate which transforms damage Hades receives into health.

In short, he supports himself so well he is suited for the role of your main tank.

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