Heroes in this role are known for being tough and only in Front. They are able to mitigate and reduce incoming damage to themselves and have high Health pools. Tanks primarily get to use their Active skills before any other role because they are constantly being buffeted by attacks. The term "Tank" refers eludes to how tough and armored they are like a 'tank'; also, the phrase "to tank" means to distract and receive the brunt of the damage. Which is their main role: to direct incoming damage to themselves and soak it up.

Most tanks have many of the following, but not limited to:

  • High Armor values
  • High Resist values
  • High Health values
  • Able to shield themselves or allies
  • Able to mitigate certain types of damage (physical or magic)
  • Able to heal themselves or allies
  • Have Skills that Crowd Control (such as stuns)
  • Have Life Stealing effects on their skills or items
  • Have skills that do AOE damage to the enemy's Front and/or Mid heroes

Tank HeroesEdit

These are the true Tanks labeled by the game and its players:

Non-Tank Heroes used as TanksEdit

These non-Tank Heroes are still in popular use as Tanks:

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