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Main Types[]


  • Skills will hit an unlucky opponent instead of having any fixed pattern
  • e.g. Leandra's Perfume Blast


  • Skills will hit an opponent based on where they are standing
  • e.g. Most Auto-attacks will always hit the frontmost row


  • Skills will hit every single opponent on the field
  • e.g. Leandra's Sugar Crash


  • Skills will choose a target to give the maximum effect
  • e.g. Athena's Holy Decree will hit the opponent with the lowest health to maximize damage and increase chance of killing someone


  • The above types of targeting can also be applied to your own team
  • e.g. Chryseis' Nature's Gift will heal all your allies


  • Skills will only target the hero that cast it (even when Charmed)
  • e.g. Hades' Death Veil will always target himself

AOE (Area Of Effect)[]

Targeted only

  • Skills will only hit the opponent which is targeted
  • e.g. Tiresias' Beam of light will strictly only hit the frontmost opponent, even someone is standing right beside him or her.

AOE effect

  • Skills will aim at a certain opponent or position, but will affect someone standing close enough
  • e.g. Cerberus' Fiery Furball will aim at the frontmost row, but will damage opponents within one row away

Multiple Hits[]

Single opponent

  • All the hits of a single skill will go to one person
  • e.g. Achilles' Penta-Strike (However, it has an AOE effect)

Multiple opponents

  • Each hit can go to a different person
  • e.g. Hecate's Dead Rave will have many spirits which will each hit a random opponent

Creating Confusion[]

Chryseis' Charm

  • An opponent temporarily belongs to Chryseis' team
  • The targeting is switched from allies to opponents and opponents to allies

Hermes' Trickster

  • Hermes switches places with an opponent
  • Position-based targeting will be affected
  • e.g. Achilles' Penta strike may now hit Hermes which is standing closer to Achilles instead of the opponent's front row hero
  • It also causes some Heroes to face the wrong way, affecting certain skills