• Except for the missing picture, the Mithril Plate page has everything I can think of for it.  Is this too much detail?  

    Id like the recipe section to look something similar to the Item Details screen in game

    Libra Scales:

    1 Libra Scales Scroll

    1 Life Gem

    1 Barbaric Axe

    Fee: 36000 G

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    • There are actually even more bits of info for Items: for some there are locations they can be picked up directly, who they are equipped by (kind of the reverse of the hero evolution section), and also what they are used as an ingredient to create. So Item pages have a HUGE amount of info.Do you guys think it's too much? Ex. Fabled Wand

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    • I think the more detail, the better the wiki. Although as you guys said, most of that can be found in game.

      I say all that is definately on the to-do list, although it doesn't have the highest proirty. I was thinking of adding guides to the page. These are great examples:

      We wouldn't have to create them from scratch, we would ammend these but give the oginal creators credit.

      When it comes down to it, we will work hardest on the things we want to see done. If you really want to get all the item info down, go for it.

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    • Well, the thing I really need the most is the recipes for items.  Like I knew I had a couple characters needing a Persian Orb coming up, but since I already had 1 in my inventory, I didn't know (and couldn't find in game) the recipe anymore.  I knew it took persian orb scraps, but beyond that i could only guess.   A lot of the other stuff is just eye candy of course (like the pictures), but eye candy is nice.

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    • it looks like most of the information for an item is divided between what you can see when you have it and when you dont. The information doesnt overlap and you cant view both. Thus, as you say, if its in your inventory you cant see it and if its not you cant see the rest of the info. So i'll work on adding as much as I can. 

      Also, completly agree with the guides I think that would make a great addition!

      As a question, Y2Que, how are you getting the pics? (so I could help out, there are a HUGE amount of items to get through)

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    • Check out the Persian Orb page, I made an item template and filled out what I could. Anything else?

      I can work on the guides. I really want that New Player FAQ.

      I'm taking screenshot with my phone, opening the up in Paint (default Microsoft image editor that isn't that great), cropping them and making sure they are all the same size for uniformity (I think 80x80 pixels), then naming them something similar (i.e. PersianOrb_Icon.jpg, PersianOrbScroll_Icon.jpg, FlameHeart_Icon.jpg, OrbOfDreams_Icon.jpg, etc..).

      I know all that sounds a little anal, but it really helps with formatting. You can just copy and paste the source code and change out the pics, stats, and all the other data. 

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    • Nice! Maybe we could also put in level requirement?

      New Player FAQ suggestion: comment that the party level is the max character level, that thew me for a while

      On a totally different note: just realized - To ascend a one star requires 20 Shards and to three stars requires 50 so there really isn't a difference in the number of stars, just how soon you can start using and leveling it.

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    • Put up a bit of a new player FAQ, feel free to do what ever you want with it :)    (also linked our names to the  start of it so we can jump between our message walls easier)

      Also, thoughts on the theme update? (new colors, background, Gods Rush icon for tab, Gods Rush logo for top left)

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    • Added level requirement.

      I like the background image and icon, unsure about this theme I put up.

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