VIP points are gained by "logging onto" the VIP section by clicking on the VIP item at the top of the main screen. The amount you gain is shown by the progression bar near the top of the VIP screen (generally ranging from 10 to 40 depending on what the last "log-in" amount).

Normally you can only get VIP points once per day. There appears to be glitch that occasionally causes what appears to be the last point on the point bar to be higher when logging in more than once per day (up to the maximum allowed). It is not known if that glitch actually allows the player to gain VIP points faster than what is stated in the rules.

If the VIP points reaches the amount needed to reach the next VIP level, then the VIP level is increased by one, the VIP points re-sets to 0, and the player gets 24 hours of free activation of the VIP benefits. This free 24 hours also gets certain benefits that do not come with the paid activation such as the extra Gauntlet re-set at VIP level 8+.

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